I’ve been asked for this couple of times and I want to share how you can achieve a seamless integration GitHub with Verdaccio. Node.js package managers only allow using one registry when you are running an eg: npm install unless you modify the .npmrc and add some specific configuration, but frankly, we can do better using a proxy.

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Docker has been a key part of success for Verdaccio. At the time of this writing, we have more than 4 million image pulls and this number is growing rapidly. The image provides an easy way to use Verdaccio in combination with tools like Kubernetes, Docker Compose or any other container orchestration system, simplifying deployment and integration with existing infrastructure.

This article will describe what has changed, all the improvements and benefits you will enjoy from migrating to the latest version.

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Since a couple of months ago, verdaccio@4.0.0 is under development, we want to give you a first update of the current list of features ready to be tested and incoming ones.

What’s new in Verdaccio 4 Alpha? 🐣

Tokens 🛡

Improve security is one of our main goals, we have wanted to improve in one of the most important…

This article is about why setting up a npm private proxy is a good idea, going through most common questions that I’ve been asked since contributing to sinopia’s fork verdaccio, and how a developer addresses many use cases that made me appreciate how useful it can be set up a local private proxy

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